Chickens – Ida, Agatha and Lucille
More information about this animal

These three chickens have amazing personalities and are all stunning birds! They are ex-battery hens and are now spending their life being spoiled by their owners. These chickens also live with two dogs and a cat so are well socialised with animals.

They are very food orientated so will do what they can to get a treat off of their handler, we have no doubts that they will be excellent for any project you have in mind as they are so easy to direct.

Acting experience

These girls are experienced actors, they have worked on an outdoors set for the ITV show “Timewasters“. They were filmed in a busy crowd of people, next to a campfire and were not phased at all. They just wanted their reward.


Jump on an object
Jump off an object
Posed for product placement
Works with other animals
Works with children and adults
Can work individually or as a group

Chickens in media

Chickens are an amazing animal to work within the world of media! You may recall an infamous advert by Mercedes Benz which had actors holding chickens, moving their body about to dance. If you haven’t seen it, we definitely recommend looking it up.