Charlie – Young Rabbit
More information about this animal

Charlie is an adorable young crossbreed rabbit and he really gets that “Aw!” response from everyone he meets. I mean how could anyone resist? He’s beautiful! With him being so young he is still undergoing training and obedience, but don’t let that discourage you, as he is well handled and very sociable for such a young rabbit.

We have no doubts Charlie will definitely add that glimmer of cuteness to catch the eyes of your audience.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Being so well handled, Charlie is perfect to work with models & actors. He will happily sit on their lap and be fussed over or carried lovingly by someone. Charlie is also very calm when it comes to new environments & travelling, so no worries of him being spooked on set. Rabbits like most animals, need time to acclimatise. As long as Charlie has some time to adjust he will be the perfect pet model.


Happy to be handled
Can work with adults and children
Product placement
Prop placement

Rabbits in media

Rabbits are amazing animals to work with, they can be trained just as well as dogs would you believe! Innocent Smoothie is known for using them in their advertisements, and they are fun loving and memorable.