Bunny and Coconut – Lionhead Rabbits
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Meet Bunny and Coconut, the adorable Lionhead Rabbit models, these two white fluff balls are friendly, affectionate girls. Coconut is the more confident of the two but they are both very adventurous.

These sweet rabbits have long white fur with beautiful bright blue eyes; therefore, they make for stunning animal models.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

With the Lionhead Rabbit breed, they are known for their long fur around their head giving them a very unique look. They are very loving rabbits and will work well being handled by model and actor strangers. Both Bunny and Coconut are also happy to work with children on a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns.

These lovable, energetic Lionhead rabbits are also a bonded pair. They are inseparable and are happy to work together on projects according to their skill sets. Bunny and Coconut enjoy exploring their surroundings and can adapt to set life when given time to settle.


Happy to be handled,
Eats from hand,
Happy to be groomed,

Rabbit Acting/Modelling Experience

Rabbits can often be seen in many adverts including Innocent and brands relating to cruelty-free products such as The Body Shop. Due to their sweet nature and their distinctive look, this makes these Lionhead rabbits a great choice for a variety of briefs.

Lionhead rabbits are an alternative choice for a variety of film and photography briefs, therefore both Bunny and Coconut are the perfect choice for pet modelling.