Birds of Prey
More information about this animal

Here at Urban Paws UK, we have a large selection of Birds of Prey, that are handled & trained regularly for film & TV projects. Their handlers have a combined experience with birds of prey for over 50 years & are happy to travel around Europe & will train the birds for specific jobs as required.

Acting ability

These birds are amazing to work with, we have such a wide variety available to choose from, and they are all well trained which is a bonus! They are absolutely stunning, a show-stopper if you like. These birds will definitely capture anyone’s attention, no matter what the project.

Birds of Prey modelling and acting experience

The handlers & selection of the birds have experience in media which includes;

– Channel Five, Celebrity wedding planner; barn owl ring bearer & bird of prey display
– BBC One Show, kestrels hovering
– BBC2 Wild tales from the village, Tawny owls & Edible dormice
– BBC Points West, Eurasian eagle owl

Birds of Prey in media

Multiple movies have used birds of prey. Usually, they have an affiliation with the villain as they are such an impressive and intimidating creature. Plenty of companies have used these types of animals such as; Trip Advisor, WGU, GEICO, PG Tips, Carling and not forgetting the obvious movie that has really made the beautiful snowy eagle owls famous, Harry Potter of course! Due to the range of brands previously worked with, you may notice that such diverse animals can be associated with near anything.

As we have a vast selection of birds available, please let us know which species you are interested in & we can arrange the job for you.