Bill – Albino Burmese Python
More information about this animal

Bill is a shocking 10ft long albino Burmese Python. He is absolutely stunning as you can see from his images, and to top it off he is very friendly! He loves being handled and meeting new people, so will be very relaxed around models and actors.

Bill enjoys visiting new surroundings and having a good nose, so he will be perfect on set for filming and stills.

Bill is also available to travel to Europe for jobs if you are interested, let us know.


Happy to be handled by adults and children
Product placement
Prop placement
Can travel
Fashion editorial

Albino Burmese Python

Albino Burmese Pythons are the species of snake that is regularly referred to as “Yellow python”. They are popular with the general public, as everyone wants to say they held a giant snake and survived the ordeal! Well, Bill is perfect for any projects, as he is just so relaxed. Your crew will feel at ease with him and get an amazing experience being able to get hands-on with such a beautiful creature.