Basil Blue – Dutch Rabbit
More information about this animal

Introducing Basil Blue a male Large Dutch Rabbit pet model who is affectionate and mature. The Dutch Rabbit is one of the most common breeds which are kept as household pets worldwide and is the oldest domestic rabbit breeds.

Pet Acting/Modelling ability

Basil Blue is a well-socialised pet being a very relaxed rabbit who takes everything in his stride. He is not fazed by being picked up and handled and enjoys being cuddled and petted.

True to his breed, the Dutch Rabbits have a very gentle personality and are excellent with children of all ages. Basil gets on with incredibly well with children and will allow them to hold him.

Basil Blue is also comfortable with working with other animals such as cats and dogs as he lives with multiple animals at home including other rabbits making him the perfect animal actor.

He has a great bond with the other rabbit, who he lives with, and enjoys snuggling up to her. Basil Blue is also a very curious rabbit as he enjoys exploring new places and surroundings means he is totally relaxed on set. He also has a habit of thumping his leg when he is excited which is funny but cute.

The Dutch Rabbit has a smooth coat with short hair a ”dalmatian rex” rabbit. This particular breed comes in a variety of different colours. Basil Blue has a glossy black and white coat with the distinct markings of his breed.


Happy to be handled
Placement work
Can work with props
Happy to work alongside other animals

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Basil Blue is the perfect rabbit for hire to feature in a variety of different marketing campaigns or advertisements such as lifestyle brands. The Dutch Rabbit breed is a very popular house pet and an easily recognised family pet for marketing.