Bailador – Shetland Pony
More information about this animal

Bailador is a beautiful Shetland Pony pet model who is incredibly intelligent and knows a variety of commands.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Considering he is able to perform a range of commands and tricks, he is a curious horse who loves to learn.

He is a Shetland Pony who is eager to please and therefore performs his tricks incredibly well. Due to his nature, Bailador enjoys exploring his surroundings and is interested in the people that he meets.

Bailador is able to follow without a lead or reins which is especially useful in film work.

He shares his home and lives with a variety of different animals including dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, reindeer, ducks and hens. Bailador also lives among a string (the collective noun for ponies) of 19 ponies. This means that he will be comfortable to work with a range of different animals whilst on set.

He is comfortable around children and adults of all ages meaning that he will be happy to work with a variety of different models or actors.

Bailador has a stunning palomino yellow coat with a long blond mane and tail. He has the distinctive features of a Shetland Pony due to his short legs, small ears and bright eyes.


Long rein
Liberty work
Can stand on a podium

Horse Acting/Modelling Experience

Bailador has had experience being in horse shows, horse displays and horse performances. He has also worked inside onstage and in halls in front of large crowds.

This means that he would be comfortable working in a busy environment with lots of new people and lots of loud sounds. Also, Bailador will be used to travelling to each show, therefore, would be happy to work in different locations.

Horses are the perfect animal to work with on set because they are beautiful and striking companions that are prevalent across the UK landscape.