Aragog – Chilean Rosea Tarantula
More information about this animal

Aragog, named after the famous Harry Potter spider is a stunning female Chilean Rose tarantula. This is an exciting addition to the Urban Paws UK Animal Talent Agency.

Tarantula Handling

Aragog has met hundreds of people and children as she has visited schools for fetes and educational visits, she has been handled by children as young as 2! As a very calm tarantula she is very calm when being handled. This makes her great for work as she tends to stand still and is easily moved by her handler. She is great for photography as she can be placed in different scenes and will keep still. This is one friendly spider, she can even be held upside down and get her tummy tickled!

This amazing spider would be suitable for filming and for stills, she can be placed on top of props or handled by actors/actresses.