Angus – Guinea Pig
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Meet Angus the Guinea Pig pet model. There aren’t many Guinea Pigs that will pose for photos like Angus, let alone wear sunglasses! This little guy is one not to be missed. If you want an advertising campaign that oozes character, then look no further.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Angus is one of the most gentle, loving little pigs around and to top it off, he has bundles of character. Known in his household as a bit of a comedian, he can be a bit demanding in terms of attention, like any true guinea pig supermodel. This boy cannot get enough cuddles and adores having his photo taken. He is a bit of a diva and works well with any props.

Angus has been around birds, rabbits and other guinea pigs and loves them. He hasn’t been tested with other animals yet. However, he is very laid back so it is thought he would be okay with them.

He is brilliant with children and adults, loving human interaction. Meeting new people is not a problem.

Angus is a sweet, gentle, laid back little soul. He likes to jump around and squeak to his heart’s content. This is mainly when he wants his veggies.

Angus is happiest when he’s munching kale and posing for the camera.


Popcorns (jumps in the air)
Squeaks for his food
Poses for the camera
Happy to be handled
Can work with props
Product placement

In all, this sociable Guinea Pig model and actor is ideal for roles requiring a rodent with a great temperament that adores the camera.