Alpaca and Llama
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Urban Paws UK has the pleasure of offering these beautiful Alpaca for hire. These animals are stunning and have such fun personalities, they’re a pleasure to work with.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Our Alpaca are well handled, travelled and used to busy environments. They travel the country regularly to attend multiple events and interact with adults and children alike.

These beautiful creatures can even be dressed up, or used for product placement. What a better way to advertise merchandise than draped on a big snuggly animal!


Travels well
Will work with other animals
Happy to work with children & adults
Product placement
Fashion editorial

Alpaca In Media

Alpacas are proving to be incredibly popular in the media world as of late. One advertisement that may ring a bell is the recent one featuring a dancing Alpaca for PlayOJO, which is an excellent way to show the fun nature of these animals. Another popular use of these animals is in fashion editorial, they are the perfect touch to any project, as they are just so beautiful.

Alpaca are fast becoming popular as a wedding experience too, they are used to entertain the guests and make an appearance in the images to really add to that special day and make it fun!