More information about this animal

Here at Urban Paws UK, we provide a range of Alligators, that are transported and handled by a team of experts.

Animal acting ability

We work closely with highly experienced and specialised trainers that carry their own licence in accordance with the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. We can provide Alligators to be present on set as well as Alligators that are trained to display certain behaviours. All of our exotic animals are from zoos and private collections. We only work with animals that are ethically sourced and cared for, whilst working within the animal welfare guidelines.

When working with our Alligators there are a lot of precautions set in place. We feel it is important to remind casting agents that they are still dangerous animals. Actors cannot get hands-on with the Alligators but can be composited into scenes during post-production. There will always be at least three specialised handlers accompanying the Alligator depending on the age and size of the animal.

Alligators in media

Alligators have been used for fashion editorial shoots in the past, and they still are with them being such an amazing animal. They would be the perfect addition to have in any of your campaigns. Being such an incredible and thrilling creature, they will make it a memorable job. They will definitely cause the ultimate “Wow” factor having them posed with a product or model.

Please contact us for more details, as we are positive we can meet your needs, offering a range of ages.