Alejandro – Hairy Armadillo
More information about this animal

Alejandro the Armadillo is a unique animal as you can see! You don’t come across armadillos very often, so we are excited to have this guy available for jobs.

He has an amazing personality and he is very friendly and sociable! This unique animal has two speeds – bulldozer, flying around everywhere and complete standstill! He would definitely add something new to your project and make it stand out!


Happy to be handled
Can travel
Will work with children and adults within reason
Can work with animals within reason
Product placement

Armadillos in media

Armadillos aren’t an everyday animal. They are perfect to add to your production as they have a certain unique touch! They have been used in an advertisement for Daim Bar in the ’90s featuring Harry Enfield.

He would be perfect for stills photography or any filming with him running about.