Albert – Russian White Hamster
More information about this animal

Introducing Albert the stunning Russian White Hamster pet model. He definitely would be eye-catching in any job role with his playful nature and incredibly cute features.

Russian White hamsters are known for their distinct cute looks, big eyes and coat colour types. Albert possesses all of these features as he has large, black expressive eyes and a unique golden sapphire coat.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

True to his breed, this hamster is incredibly sociable and is very affectionate. He is comfortable around strangers and children, therefore, will be more than happy to work with and meet new people. This means that this Russian White hamster will be happy to work with a variety of people of all ages.

Albert has grown up and shares his home with two other cats, Josephine and Annabelle, meaning that he is relaxed around cats and would not get easily startled or frightened.

As he is very friendly and well-socialised, Albert is comfortable being picked up and enjoys being petted. He is also very outgoing and even though he is small in size he has a larger than life personality and possesses lots of character.


Can work with props
Happy to be handled

Hamster Acting/Modelling Experience

This Russian White hamster animal actor is the perfect pick for any advertisement or marketing campaign due to his sociable personality and his handsome looks. As he is incredibly photogenic he would make a great choice for any job role.

He is calm and collected and would be a pleasure to work with on set. Albert is happy to work with props and will sit on objects for photoshoots or advertisements.

This unique hamster model is available for animal hire and would definitely be a perfect choice and great addition to any marketing campaign or advertisement role.