Alan – Guinea Pig
More information about this animal

Alan, the American Guinea Pig, born in September 2015, is a gorgeous tan and white piggy.  Adopted at the age of one, he has come out of his shell so much and turned into a completely different character.

Pet influencer

Already a star on Instagram, Alan loves to show off by wearing clothes, costumes and donning his cheerful smile.  A proper little character, Alan is closely bonded with his human.  He loves to take a nap on her shoulder if he’s happy or tired, but if she isn’t giving him enough attention, boy does he let her know!  If his human is looking on her phone and not paying attention to him, he will chew the phone and push her hand out of the way.

A tad spoiled, if he wants to come out of his cage he will jump into his human’s arms and snuggle into her dressing gown.  He will scream and shout until he gets what he wants!

Guinea Pig Training

Alan is trained in recall and loves to play dress up.  He’s also very happy posing for photos, making him the perfect pet model.