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Hunter – Saint Bernard

Urban Paws UK animal agency is proud to introduce animal actor Hunter, a beautiful male Saint Bernard. He is an advocate for the breed and really is a gentle giant. He has always been a calm and patient dog that loves pleasing his human companions. This gentle giant weighs 72 kgs & is 32″ from floor … Continue reading Hunter – Saint Bernard

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Indica – Dalmatian

Urban Paws UK Animal Talent and Casting Agency is proud to present pet model Indica.  A female black spotted Dalmatian. She is a stunning animal with an outgoing and friendly temperament. Indica is an active dog capable of great endurance. Pet Acting / Modelling Ability Indica wears coats and jumpers with no problems and is … Continue reading Indica – Dalmatian

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Iraida – Afghan Hound

Urban Paws UK Animal Talent and Modelling Agency are proud to present Iraida the Afghan Hound dog model.  This stunning pet supermodel is a beautiful oyster brindle colour. She is 27 inches tall from the withers. Pet Acting / Modelling Ability Iraida is an Afghan Hound show dog, which means she is very comfortable travelling … Continue reading Iraida – Afghan Hound

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