Do Dogs Understand Us

Do Our Dogs Understand Us? – The Answer is out

Here at Urban Paws UK animal talent agency we already knew that our four legged companions understand us. We also thought that they could understand the meaning of the words we say to them and our pitch. However, now we have proof of this for all of the doubters out there! There has been a study published this week by the American Association for the Advancement of Science proving that dogs understand and are able to distinguish words from our vocabulary along with the intonation of human speech through similar brain functions to us humans.

We tend to speak to our dogs on a daily basis praising them, reprimanding and instructing them but until now we couldn’t really be sure If dogs understand us fully or not. The research that has recently taken place shows a clear understanding of the human vocabulary and the way we talk to our dogs really does make a difference. Praise is found to be higher pitched and a lower tone used for reprimanding or instructions.

The study exposed the dogs to pre-recorded messages from their owners using various combinations of words and intonation. An example of which was praise being giving in a high pitched tone and neutral tone. The dogs brain activity was analysed and the results were shocking to some – but not to us here at the animal talent agency.

The dogs involved in the study listened to each combination that had been recorded for them. Their results reveal that, regardless of intonation that the dogs understand the vocabulary we use to communicate with them and that they are able to do this using the same aspects of their brain as humans do – Amazing! So next time your dog looks away and ignores you it’s probably not because he doesn’t understand!

What does it mean that dogs understand us?

So as an animal talent agency what does this mean for us? Well it proves that dogs understand us humans. So with the correct training and encouragement who knows what your dog may be able to achieve. If you do fancy seeing your four legged friend on television, in a commercial or modelling for a campaign, then sign up to our animal talent agency today and we will do the rest.

You can be assured that all of the staff who work with Urban Paws animal taken agency have an undisputed love for dogs, so your canine friend will be in safe hands and pampered should they be cast to a job through the animal talent agency. The welfare of the dogs we work with is at the forefront of what we do, we will never put any dog at harm or make them do anything that they do not enjoy.

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