Dogs in Fashion: Iraida and New Look
February 14, 2020
Daniel Keeling

Dogs in Fashion

You could be forgiven for thinking that dogs have little to do with fashion and clothing brands – after all, they call it a catwalk, not a dogwalk – but when you take a moment to look at your favourite outlet you will likely notice that dogs are all over the fashion editorial scene.

Whether you’re flipping through a Boden catalogue*, refreshing your wardrobe on the Joules site, scrolling through the Barbour Instagram feed or checking out the latest trends on New Look, chances are that there will be a picture or two lurking not too far away with a cute and cuddly dog.

Humphrey the Wire Fox Terrier featured on the front cover of Mini Boden

BarbourDogs Instagram post featuring Lily, Boris and Darcy the Retrievers

New Look editorial page featuring Iraida the Afghan Hound

Iraida the Afghan Hound looks every bit a high fashion model as she does a competitive show dog. Her latest work sees her with New Look for their new Spring season wear and featured in the “5 Spring Looks To Embrace Now” article.

New Look

Among the style guides are several tips to help even the least fashion-conscious amongst us dress to impress. These include wearing “A Belted Mac” in order to finally trade out the large and warm winter coats for a lighter layer, swapping over to an instantly accessible “Lightweight Leather” jacket, or finding the perfect “Statement Print Dress” for the season. After all, taking care of a long-legged pet like an Afghan Hound means that you will more than likely be out frequently for walks (Afghan Hounds require around 2 hours of exercise per day).

Famous for their long flowing hair, characteristically tall stature and distinct silhouettes, Afghan Hounds are one of the most visually striking dog breeds, and Iraida is no exception.

Standing at 27 inches tall from the withers with long, perfectly kept silver/oyster brindle hair, Iraida is instantly eyecatching and can wrestle the attention of any room.

Want to see the more from Iraida? Check out her full model page here.