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Ensuring your pet is safe,
happy and occupied.

High-quality daycare for your dog at Tails in the City, Liverpool located Dog Creche. Ensuring your pet is safe, happy and occupied whilst you’re at work, making sure your dog is safe and happy at our doggy daycare is our number 1 priority!

High quality daycare for your dog at ‘Tails in the City’

Tails in the City is the new dog creche based in Liverpool offering the perfect solution if you’re a dog owner who goes out to work. A safe, natural, stimulating environment for your dog which makes sure that your pet gets the highest quality of care.

Our team are passionate about caring for your pet, providing them with fun and friendship whilst you’re busy at work. We have puppy play areas that enables socialisation for dogs from 12 weeks old, and all dogs receive lots of attention giving you peace of mind that they’re safe, sound and in good hands.

The Social Element

If you find yourself busy with work and unable to offer your dog the social interaction they need to thrive, consider our Tails in the City doggy daycare, we provide a safe environment in which your dog can meet and play with others building their social skills while also meeting other dogs in the area.


Is your Pet the next
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Pet Influencers
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We represent some of the biggest animal influencers in the market. If you are looking to make a big impact, we have the stars to do it.

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