Ziggy Trixx – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Name: Ziggy Trixx

Breed: Staffordshire bull terrier

More information about this dog

Ziggy Trixx is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier aged 5 years. He is an animal actor and dog model with a sweet nature, loving temperament & impressive catalogue of tricks.  This makes him an ideal voice for Staffies as they need to be heard. Ziggy Trixx is a trick dog on a mission to show an act that positively protests his breeds negative reputation & proves their right to be loved.

This animal actor is great with other dogs and with children! Ziggy has lots of doggy friends, he often does meet and greets with fans of all ages and is great with a young baby at home.


A true ambassador for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, Ziggy is highly well trained & responds to both verbal & hand signals. He has all basic commands such as sit, stay (in various positions), give his paw, etc. He works well with other people and can work at a distance and learn sequences, routines and names. Ziggy has been trained using positive reinforcement/reward based training  he is a very high energy dog and has had a lot of love & time put into him, providing lots of mental stimulation.

Ziggy has a lovely temperament; he is very loving & caring as well as very energetic & cheeky. He has a charming personality & is a very happy dog. He is very eager to please people & loves to make people happy. Ziggy has had a lot of time devoted to his daily routine which involves lots of fun activities.


Ziggy is an extremely intelligent dog and can even speak. He has a vast array of impressive tricks, has a good understanding of humans and can pick up on things very quickly. His array of tricks include; dramatic play dead, skateboarding (including ramps at speed, downstairs and through people’s legs), walking backwards/whilst turning and a handstand up a wall, acrobatics/flips/Jumps & is fantastic with his frisbee,  putting rubbish/objects in the bin, disk training. He can say the word hello, wave bye bye, bring objects by name & pass them over, can hold his own lead on a walk, weaving through legs/posts & spins, standing tricks, backwards whilst standing, standing spin & squats, jump into arms, on back or over people/objects, roll over three times and crawl. He can also push a pram (nanny dog) to name but a few.

Animal Actor Experience

He has won Super dogs live in 2015. He has appeared on TFI Friday with Chris Evans where he performed his skateboarding tricks. He has also performed on BBC radio Essex as well as having appeared on Sky Sports news a few times. Ziggy has appeared in national & international press as well as having millions of hits on YouTube & Facebook, Yahoo & Google.

Ziggy has starred in the Co-Operative Insurance Puppy Love commercial as part of the ‘Rolling Bones’ doggy band and most recently filmed Britain’s Got Talent Promotional advert (see below).

Pet Influencer

He is a very popular pet influencer with a mass Facebook following of over 319 k and 34 k plus followers on Instagram. This is a popular pooch for any brand!

He is an ideal dog for any role, specifically for any brief.

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