Winston Woof – Cocker Spaniel

Name: Winston Woof

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

More information about this dog

Meet Winston Woof, a show type Cocker Spaniel dog model with a name that matches his fabulous looks.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

He’s very friendly, soft and loves fuss, attention and cuddles. Winston can be vocal but we don’t mean barking, more like you can have a conversation with him! Winston Woof likes to investigate everything and every inch of everywhere must be sniffed!

Winston Woof is happy to wear clothes, good in the car and generally a very happy dog. He can also respond to commands from a distance and can work with both voice and hand signals. This sociable boy would have no issues working with an actor. He would be happy to take direction well although we may need treats initially.

This social boy is fine with other dogs and loves to say hello to everyone, every dog and anything that moves. He hasn’t been tested working with cats yet so that would have to be checked out before working with one. He’s used to children of all ages, from babies, toddlers and teenagers.

As a show type Cocker Spaniel, he’s very fluffy and regal looking. He can also pull off a grumpy look as well as outright adorable.

As he is still very young he is quite easily distracted so is not ready to work alongside other dogs just yet. Again, because of his age, he can become quite excited and would need some time (10 minutes or so) just to settle into the environment (indoors or outdoors) and to sniff and investigate. The ability to work outside is being worked on but at the moment he needs to be in an enclosed field if running off lead.


Lie down
Play dead (still with tail wagging!)
Paw (both paws)
Hold an object in his mouth
Walk over to ‘marks’ and sit/stay
Find keys and money
Bark on command

Currently learning: Bow, beg, pick up items (retrieve), stay on hind legs, hold paw over his face.

In all, this handsome, friendly dog is ready to work on roles that compliment his skill set. With his silky coat, he would be great for showing off grooming products in particular.

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