Trip Hazard – Crossbreed

Name: Trip Hazard

Breed: Pomeranian cross Maltese terrier

More information about this dog

Trip Hazard is a male crossbreed; Pomeranian & Maltese mix aged 4 years old. He is a tiny dog with a huge personality, weighing 2.5 kg & standing approximately 8 inches high at the withers.  At just 2 years of age, Trip reached the final of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent 2016 with his owner Lucy Heath.  As a born performer he is not at all phased by lights or noisy/busy environments.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

He is calm, quiet and relaxed to be around & onset, but will switch on the action from the moment he has to “work”.  Trip not only tolerates but absolutely loves to wear clothes.

With an extensive list of tricks, from simple to complex his skill set is always growing.  He can work at a distance and can learn new behaviours in an incredibly short time frame. He is trained using clicker training and loves to train for either toys or food.

He adores all people, dogs of all sizes and other animals and is happy to work with them and around them.  Trip lives with 2 cats, who he adores & has spent a lot of time around sheep, llamas, chickens and has even sat on a miniature horse.

As Trip’s owner is a professional dog trainer, he is highly trained in obedience, heelwork to music, tricks and agility.  Before the age of 2, Trip won Superdogs Live at both the London Pet Show and National Pet Show 2015 & performed with 5 other dogs as part of a group activity to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at National Pet Show and Dog Fest events hosted by Noel Fitzpatrick.


For this trick dog, there really are too many skills to list, however, some highlights include;

Lifts lefts,
Lean (lift two legs on the same side),
Play dead,
Walk backwards,
Send to mark,
Handstand walking sideways supported,
Place paws on item,
Look over the shoulder,
Pick up a cup or plastic bottle and tip head back as if drinking,
Jump up/on/over an object,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Untie shoelaces

With many many more…

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Trip has also acted in adverts for pet products including the Foobler and the Anxiety Wrap. He has pet modelling experience having done a few photoshoots also, with comments on how using Lucy’s well-trained dogs make filming so much quicker and easier. most recently this cute pooch has worked with Vodafone Turkey as part of an advertising campaign.

This clever dog also has also panto experience having worked in Panto for Polkadot Pantomimes Beauty & the Beast December/Jan 2015/16 & Liverpool’s Cinderella Christmas 2016 playing the ‘Fairy Dogfather’.


As well as animal acting, Trip can also attend meet & greets as he did recently at Merseyway Stockport, where he performed tricks & skills in front of a crowd.

He is the perfect pet talent and trick dog for any role requiring expert pet talent.



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