Toby – Portuguese Podengo

Name: Toby

Breed: Portuguese Podengo

More information about this dog

Toby is a Portuguese Podengo dog model. He is suitable for a variety of projects from product placement and fashion editorial to advertising campaigns and more.

A distinctive feature of this breed is a wedge-shaped head, with expressive almond-shaped eyes and erect, pointed ears. They are long-backed with a tapered tail.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Toby is very friendly and easy-going and is very well behaved off the lead. He gets on well with new people and children as long as they are well mannered and not too loud. Working with well-mannered dogs is not a problem, particularly females. Toby is not the biggest fan of puppies or hyperactive dogs.

Toby takes direction from other people well and can work to a mix of hand and voice signals. This clever dog can work from a distance and is a quick learner who picks up new skills easily. He should be able to work with other people, as long there is ham involved!

Classified as a hound, the alert and playful little Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a quick, athletic rabbit hunter of ancient lineage. This Podengo’s main hobbies are to bark at the postman or look out of the window and observe the world!

Toby is very sweet, kind and alert and makes lots of facial expressions, which is great for dog modelling.


Play dead,
Lay down
Walk backwards,
Stand on hind legs,
Walk on hind legs,
Turns around,

In all, Toby is suitable for pet modelling roles that suit his skill set.

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