Tika & Pita, Cheddar & Ay – Yorkshire terriers

Name: Tika & Pita, Cheddar & Ay

Breed: Long haired Yorkshire terriers

More information about this dog

Tika, Pita, Cheddar & Ay are a family of super cute & talented longhaired Yorkshire terriers. All 4 pets have had professional training since they were puppies & also attended training school for between 2-5 years. They have an extremely loving temperament & graceful deportment, being very tolerant & patient. They are very friendly with people including children, other dogs (calm dogs) & cats. They understand English & Japanese languages.



Aged 9 years she is a tiny female being 3.0kg. She is a very pretty girl with a well-groomed & maintained coat. Recently Tika has worked with Furminator the leading grooming tool for pets.

Being the centre of attention is something she loves & she is a very quick learner, highly intelligent, picking up new tricks easily & especially when she is rewarded with food.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Tika has worked with Furminator the leading grooming tool for pets, due for release soon. She excelled on set taking direction well and responding to all commands. She has also worked on a marketing campaign with Three mobile, and Lad Bible. She enjoyed being on set and got some great shots for the Relaxing Stuff campaign.

Recently this super cute pooch worked with global superstar Rihanna for the June edition of American publication –Interview Magazine. 


Aged 7 years is a super tiny 2.3kg male.  He is a well-socialised pet having learned to adapt his behaviour to whatever is appropriate in the circumstances and can fit in anywhere & with anyone. He has a great temperament loving everybody & everyone.  His coat is natural, again being well maintained & well-groomed.



2.3kg male. He loves being stroked & handled & will sit for long periods on a strangers lap with no problems. He is well socialised & not much fazes him. Cheddar has the most beautiful natural silky well-groomed coat, adding to his stunning good looks.




Aged 4 years, he is the smallest boy of the group weighing a mere 2.0 kg. He is a spirited boy who plays with a ball most of the time. He is a very quick learner & highly intelligent, picking up new tricks easily & especially when he is rewarded with a ball. Again Ay is in full coat that is well maintained & adds to his unique appearance.


All 4 pets are exceptionally well behaved & respond well to commands.


Lie down,
Give paw,
High five,
Heel walk,
Walk backwards,
Sit on and off the mat,
Jump in & out the bag,
Touch then return,
Can style hair,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Choose which hand holds the treat

They can work to voice & hand signals, from a distance & with an actor/stranger.

All four dogs can be booked together or as a solo & are suitable pet models for a variety or roles requiring animal talent.


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