Spy – Pomeranian

Name: Spy

Breed: Pomeranian

More information about this dog

Meet Spy the male Pomeranian pet model, this fox-like toy breed is a very alert and eager boy and loves to be involved in everything. His stunning coat colouring is distinctive to the breed making him the standard Pomeranian. This handbag dog may be small but has a big personality.

Spy loves to be involved in everything, he is one happy chap and his high intelligence is true to his breed. Spy has 10 other siblings which he is comfortable working with. He would also be great for a variety of dog photography or film briefs.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

With Spy being a quick learner, this makes him a great candidate for being in front of a camera, he adapts well to new surroundings. Spy is best working alone or with any of his 10 siblings which are available for hire, perfect for adorable group animal modelling or acting campaigns.

This Pomeranian also responds to voice and hand signals which makes him a great pet talent. Spy is an incredibly quick learner making him perfect for many dog modelling and acting roles. Spy is a very charming and bold Pomeranian who keeps himself busy. This Pomeranian also responds to voice and hand signals which makes her a great for social media campaigns.


Lie down,
Give paw,
Spin both ways,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,


Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Spy is currently being professionally trained and learning new skills constantly since he is eager to please. His handsome face and distinctive features are perfect for advertisements or marketing campaigns.

Pomeranian’s are a very popular breed amongst communities on the internet such as Boo who is known as ‘cutest dog in the world’. This means that Spy is a great choice for many briefs since his breed is rising in popularity in the media.

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