Name: Smurf

Breed: Parson Russell Terrier

More information about this dog

Smurf is a 8 year old, Parson Russell Terrier. He is an exceptionally talented Canine Actor with lots of TV experience. Smurf can turn his paw to literally anything & is ideal for the more complex roles.  He excels at training new tasks in short time frames for film & TV and can act out scenes with precision; being able to work on cue independently.  If you need a dog to grab a beer from the fridge & close the door, even wrap tinsel around a Christmas tree, or fake wee – he’s the lad for the job. Alternatively, Smurf can grab something from an actor & pretend to run away – or take an object gently such as pull a sock off someone’s foot – or even give an item to the actor, such as a rose.

Smurf is trained by his owner to a very high level & can work to hand signals for film work, whilst handler is 15 feet away from him. Smurf is excellent with people & children; he has worked with both adult actors & children. Please see below list of projects Smurf has worked on;

David Walliams – Wall of fame trailer

David Lloyd leisure singles advert

Co-op – Puppy Love

Samsung Adwash

The Evermoor Chronicles Season 2 (Disney Channel)

N Power Superpowers Ad Campaign

Hamstead the movie

Rownd a Rownd

Company of Animals

I-Life Robot Hoover


Smurf – IMBD Credits 

Smurf is a Guinness world record holder as being the first dog to perform the most tricks in one minute!

Smurf does require space around other dogs. Please check out his profile videos to see Smurf in action. He is ideal animal actor for any given role including the most complex of skills requiring expert talent.



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