Skylar – Samoyed

Name: Skylar

Breed: Samoyed

More information about this dog

Meet Skylar the Samoyed female. As is the nature of a Samoyed, Skylar is gentle and dependable. She would be great for pet acting roles in TV film and media due to her stunning looks and good level of training.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Skylar is playful and loves all social interaction with humans and animals. As an extremely intelligent dog, she is a very quick learner. This makes training very easy! 

Despite Samoyed’s being a noisy dog by nature, Skylar is quiet and only barks when she gets overly excited, generally when playing with other dogs or whines when she wants something. This lovely girl doesn’t drool (something that can be common in Samoyed’s) and her fur is kept immaculate through grooming twice a day, she is truly a very pampered dog.

She is very responsive & obedient and most of all she loves to work and please. Her owner is a photographer so Skylar is used to posing for him. She adores all kind of social interaction with other animals & pleasing her human friends. Skylar has all basic commands &  also has good recall & with notice, Skylar can be taught new behaviours or skills for a particular brief.


Leave it, drop,
Give paw,
High 5,
Lie down,
Fetch item,
Hold item,
A figure of 8,
Jump up/on/over an item,
Stand on hind legs,
Walk backwards,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Works with props,


Social Media Pet Influencer

This pretty pooch is also one of our popular social media influencers, having a mass following on Instagram – an ideal platform for any company or brand to increase brand awareness.

She is a very outdoorsy dog and her feed displays her mostly outdoors going on hikes and adventures. Skylar is perfect to promote a variety of different brands and is a great choice for any social media campaign.

If you’re looking to engage your audience through influencer marketing then why not book Skylar today.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Skylar had a full-page spread in the Dancing Times magazine, completed an editorial for fashion clothing brand Wolves, not Sheep, filmed an advert for Mecca Bingo &  appeared in the Dan & Phil Christmas advent calendar.

Skylar worked with Studio Retail working with models on a catwalk, Skylar has no issues working with strangers or within a studio environment. Most recently she worked with BBC Bitesize, offering tips for interview techniques, see adverts below. As well as pet modelling roles, Skylar can also be booked for a meet & greet, as she did with Next retail pop up store as well as at Crufts at the Billy & Margot stand, meeting customers in-store and getting pictures & selfies.

In all, Skylar is a stunning dog with a lovely friendly temperament ideal for any given role according to her level of skill.

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