Sammie – Border Terrier

Name: Sammie

Breed: Border Terrier

More information about this dog

Meet Sammie, the Border Terrier dog model with a big personality. She can be booked with her Border Terrier sister Pippin. Sammie weighs 7.6kg.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

This lovely little girl has her Kennel Club Good Citizen Award to a gold standard and has been clicker trained to perform a large (and still growing) repertoire of tricks.

Most of Sammie’s commands can be followed from a distance of 5-10 feet and is trained to a mixture of voice commands and gestures. She is fine with people, including children and okay with other dogs, horses and cows. Unfortunately, she can’t work around sheep, cats or rodents.

Sammie is a sensitive, gentle soul who loves tickles and affection. She loves people but can be shy around new objects or things that move in unfamiliar ways.

Sammie is a thoughtful character who loves cuddles. She is an active dog that competes in agility and loves training and learning new things but is just as happy snuggling on your knee or having a quiet snooze. She is quick to learn and has a wide repertoire of basic skills that can be readily adapted to a new environment.


Paw (either front leg)
High five (either front leg)
Walk backwards
Hold an object
Retrieve an object
Pick up an object
Drop an object
Nose target
Go to place/mat
Put front feet on an object
Get on or in an object
Go under/through
Go over/jump
‘Hide’ (front legs on object and drop head down between front legs)
Play dead (lie on side)
Circle an object clockwise or anticlockwise
Catch a treat
Pull sock off a foot
Middle (sit between handler’s legs)
Ding a bell

Pet Acting / Modelling Experience

Sammie is new to animal modelling and eager to earn more experience. In 2018 she starred with her sister in ‘A Christmas Dogtivity’, which had over 860,000 views on Facebook and 30,000 views on YouTube. She also fronted Border Terrier Welfare’s autumn 2018 charity campaign.




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