River – Husky x Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Name: River

Breed: River - Husky x Staffordshire Bull Terrier

More information about this dog

Please give a warm welcome to River, a striking mixed breed dog model and animal actor. This stunning girl is a Siberian Husky and Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, giving her those gorgeous Husky eyes and a beautiful Staffy body; what a perfect combination!

The Husky side can mean she’s sometimes a tad stubborn, but she makes up for it by being equally intelligent and loving. As expected from her breeds, she’s very athletic and loves to run, play, and perform tricks for her owner.

Her distinctive look has made her incredibly employable and she’s even featured on the cover of the prestigious Dogs Today magazine. On set, River enjoyed further praise as she was complimented by the photographer who commented that she ‘behaved beautifully’.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

With her snow dog heritage, River is unsurprisingly full of beans. She is an energetic dog who loves a run around and would thus be perfect for action shots in lifestyle based pet photography shoots. She knows all basic tricks and would be ideally placed in a small role according to her skillset as an animal actor. She can respond to commands from five feet away, but could potentially stretch further with appropriate notice.

River is unfortunately unable to work alongside other animals. However, she’s brilliant with children who regularly stop to pet her. River is therefore perfectly placed to star in pet photography shoots that require one talented pooch and an array of human actors. She’s well tempered with people of all ages and is happy to be touched and perform tricks according to the brief.

This independent girl may not take commands well from an actor, however. She can take commands from strangers, but will require time to get to know them in advance and is therefore best with trained professionals or her owner. Don’t let her stubborn Husky side fool you though, this gorgeous dog model is perfect for a range of campaigns, providing she’s the only animal involved; this stellar bit of animal talent loves to be top dog!


Lie down,
Give paw,
Play dead,
Hold item,
Jump into/out of car boot,
Jump up/on/over an object,
Toy motivated,
Works with props,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

River is itching to star in more pet photography shoots and is the perfect dog model for brand awareness and product placement based media campaigns. She also makes a wonderful animal actor in film or television productions suited to her skillset. Her impressive trick training makes her highly desirable and she’ll excel in any role that doesn’t require contact with other animals.

For pet photography experience, you need only look to River’s gallery, and in particular, her debut on the cover of Dogs Today to see what a talented dog model she is. The shoot shows off the stunning eyes and gorgeous coat that make her so desirable and an exceptional bit of animal talent. River was perfectly well behaved on set too, proving her worth as a brilliant dog model, perfect for brand awareness, social media marketing, or public relations campaigns.

If you’re in need of a striking dog model who will turn heads with her distinctive look, River is the girl for you. This wonderful bit of animal talent is the perfect candidate for a range of pet photography shoots. Book this stunning girl ASAP to avoid disappointment.


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