Riley Cocker Spaniel

Name: Riley

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

More information about this dog

Say hello to Riley, a gorgeous example of the Cocker Spaniel breed. This golden dog model and animal actor is the perfect addition to a film or television production in need of a smaller animal.

Alternatively, with his stunning gold coat, smooth fur, and heart-melting brown eyes, lovely Riley is perfect for advertising shoots requiring stellar pet photography.

The Cocker Spaniel breed is widely popular in the U.K; so why not give Riley a shot? He’s the perfect dog model to spice up your media campaign or film production.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Riley’s owner describes him as calm, obedient and intelligent. He loves to be on the move but keeps himself to himself. We at Urban Paws UK can’t overstate the value of a calm dog model, as they’re so easy to work with. Riley isn’t intimidated by new environments and is unfazed by the bright lights and big crowds of a pet photography shoot. If you’re looking for a solo Cocker Spaniel to use in a small film or television role according to his skillset, or to star in a pet photography campaign, Riley is (quite literally) a golden choice.

However, he isn’t able to work with everyone. Riley isn’t suited to working with children of any age and he can also become temperamental around other animals. He’s best kept working in environments where he only interacts with adult models or actors.

Don’t let that put you off though; Riley’s trick training and excellent on-set behaviour make him a dream to work with on the right marketing campaign or film production. His versatility comes through in other ways as this handsome pooch is more than happy to wear pet clothing and accessories. His trick training in agility also gives him a specific set of skills such as jumping over obstacles and moving through tunnels, only adding to this animal actor’s employability. He will take direction from any handler from a distance.


Agility trained,
Fetch item,
Give paw,
High five,
Hold item,
Jump up/on/over an object,
Lie down,
Touch item,
Wears pet clothing + accessories

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Little Riley is new to the world of animal acting. However, this brilliant bit of animal talent is clearly a contender to star in a wide range of shoots. His good nature and stunning look make him an obvious fit as a pet product ambassador; can’t you imagine this little dog model’s face on a can of food?

This lovely lad is the ideal animal actor to star in film or television productions that require a beautiful Cocker Spaniel who can move quickly and obediently. His trick training opens up a wide array of briefs for him to star in, and his natural intelligence and calm nature make him highly desirable.

If you’re looking for a Cocker Spaniel dog model, you won’t go wrong with Riley. He’s the perfect pooch for print or online marketing briefs, public relations campaigns, or brand awareness pieces.

A lovely bit of animal talent who is sure to please any client. Just keep him away from kids and other animals.


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