Pretzel – Miniature Dachshund

Name: Pretzel

Breed: Mini Dachshund

More information about this dog

Introducing Pretzel, the charming Miniature Dachshund pet influencer. Pretzel is a friendly, loving and loyal dog, who has a cheeky personality.

His personality is perfectly captured on his Instagram feed where he has a large fanbase of loyal followers.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Pretzel has a perfect ability to pose in a standing or seated position for his Instagram feed. His pictures show his character with his unique Dachshund look.

He has large and expressive eyes with a beautiful red coloured coat. Pretzel is more than happy to pose with an object and can work with props for stills photography.

He also is comfortable wearing pet clothing and accessories for his pictures. With his nose in the air, he looks regal and rather dashing!

Pet Influencer

Pretzel is rising in popularity across the social media platforms he is present on. His follower count is constantly going up and his fanbase grows daily. The platforms that this Dachshund is present on is Instagram and Facebook.

This Mini Dachshund has a dedicated fanbase which is diverse in age range and location. His interesting captions and stellar photography makes Pretzel’s fans engage, like and comment on every picture. He is suitable for promotional and brand awareness campaigns and because many of his pictures focus on the outdoors, he represents an active lifestyle.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Pretzel has worked previously with the Scottish Natural Heritage to promote their worrying sheep campaign.

He also featured on Edinburgh Castle social media which was their best organic post and it even went viral. This miniature dachshund is on other social media platforms regularly such as Visit Scotland and Visit Britain.

Due to his charming personality and handsome features, this stunning Dachshund pet influencer is suited to work with a variety of brands but specifically country life brands to pet accessory brands.


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