Piper – Old English sheepdog

Name: Piper

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

More information about this dog

Introducing Piper the female Old English sheepdog stunt dog and pet model. She is typical of her breed being very bouncy, energetic & playful, she loves being the centre of attention; a really a happy clown of a dog. Her hair has been left natural so she has the typical shaggy dog look & while her hair is normally tied up so she can see, it can also be left down to covering her eyes.


Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Piper loves training & learning new tricks passing her novice trick title at only 3 months & going on to become the world’s first Old English Sheepdog trick dog champion. Being a trick dog she has all obedience skills & knows lots of tricks too. She is always learning new behaviours & can pick new skills easily. Piper also takes agility & heel-work to music lessons & has her Gold good citizen award, meaning she can take direction well, from a distance and she will also respond to commands from a stranger/actor with no issues. This unique pet is unfazed by being in front of an audience with loud music or an unfamiliar setting as she is a well-socialised animal.



Lie down,
Walk backwards,
Go to mark,
Jump up/on/over,
Cross paws,
Leg weaves (forward & backwards),
Reverse through legs,
Peek a boo through legs,
Jumps through arms,
Jumps over back (when kneeling),
Push an item,
Tug an item,
Close door,
Wipe front paws,
Drop item into a container (basketball),
Paw target (ring bell, play piano),
Honk bike horn with her mouth,
Go round item (at distance or handheld),
Front paws up on an item,
Go round handler (forwards & backwards),
Lift either paw,
Can style hair,
Shake on command,
Nose target to name but a few..


Dog Acting/Modelling Ability

She has attended Discover Dogs in London & enjoyed the crowds & all the fuss she received during the day, including all the people who took selfies with her. She has also taken part in a few trick demos at dog shows without a problem & loved performing with an audience; a natural show off! She has taken part in 3 trick demos at dog events, including All About Dogs & a companion dog show at Discover Dogs at Earls Court & she enjoyed the attention.

Piper appeared in the Dan & Phil Christmas advent calendar and was loved on set and responded well to commands and most recently she filmed the Bosch Glass VAC TV advert, where she was required to shake on commands, see below.

Piper is a stunning large breed dog, being friendly with all people including children & is happy to be around dogs of all shapes & sizes. A stunning pet model for any role requiring expert talent.

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