Piper – Toy Cockapoo

Name: Piper

Breed: Toy Cockapoo

More information about this dog

Piper is a Toy Cockapoo female dog model and petfluencer. She has an abundance of personality; with her friendly & loving character always shining through.  She is petite, weighing just 6 kg, making her smaller than the average Cockapoo but Piper sure knows how to fit in with the bigger dogs & enjoys the company of any dog- no matter what size, colour or breed.


Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Piper is an obedient, a gentle & easy dog to handle. She has passed her puppy, bronze & silver Cresta good champion award in obedience & is currently working on her gold level. She trains both at home & weekly with a local dog club & is taught with positive based training methods.

To date, Piper has mastered a variety of basic commands which she responds to both verbal and non-verbal commands and she is a fast learner, always eager to learn new skills.

She is a dog that is willing to work in any environment and can work from a distance & can take commands from a stranger. Piper is confident in working with both children & adults and as a working Therapy Dog, she is used to regularly interacting with strangers.

Piper enjoys the company of any dog- no matter what size, colour or breed. She is also relaxed & happy in the company of small animals, including cats, rabbits, hamsters & rats. Her placid nature means she is happy being placed in a position & will contently hold a pose. Piper makes an excellent pet model as she is happy wearing costumes, clothing and props.



High 5,
Give her paw,
Heel up,
Hold item,
Fetch item,
Back up,
Howl on command,
Touch item,
Play dead,
Jump up/on/over an object,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Works with props,
Therapy dog,
Product reviews,
Dog-friendly visits,
Available for pet food affiliation,
Can style hair,


Social Media Pet Influencer

This loving pooch has a strong social media presence with many dedicated followers on Instagram. She also has her own popular blog which features her adventures & product reviews. As a pet Influencer, Piper is used to being in front of the camera, regularly having photos taken for her social media accounts. Piper has also been invited to attend events such as The Supervet’s Dog Fest & The National Pet Show, where she held a meet and greet with her followers.

She is the perfect option to promote various social media marketing campaigns and brand awareness.

Piper recently worked with portrait photographer & Youtuber Jordan Matter, for a 10 Minute Photo Challenge: Chaos at Famous London Hotel; video below.

This stunning Cockapoo is an ideal dog for pet modelling or animal acting roles or Piper can be booked as a social media influencer.



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