Paris, Rome, Florence & Vienna

Name: Paris, Rome, Florence & Vienna

Breed: Dalmatians

More information about this dog

Have you spotted four of the finest Dalmatians – introducing Paris, Rome, Florence & Vienna. This family of quads can be booked as solo’s or as a pack which all look incredible together. These stunning dogs are also social media influencers having a loyal fan-base on Instagram; an ideal platform for any brand wanting to market a product or service. They’re Instagram offers a collection of colourful lifestyle imagery & their page attracts a wide mix of followers.


Paris is a young 10-year-old female who has a unique trait called heterochromia, it’s when one eye is a different color & in her case a beautiful blue one. She has a laid back & placid temperament & will befriend you upon introduction.

Paris is very obedient & aims to please. She follows basic commands well & to date responds to; sit, stay, lie down, paw & she will hold items in mouth. She can work from a distance to hand voice/hand signals & will also work with a stranger/actor. She also has no issues wearing pet clothing or accessories making her an ideal pet model.

This stunning girl adores people of all ages including children. She is well socialized & loves all dogs, but turns up her pretty nose at cats.

Paris has a beautiful temperament, being very loyal & very loving. As long as she gets a treat she’s happy, she will lick you to death if you let her.


She recently worked with Trouw Nutrition global pet food, she is an ideal pet for small pet modeling roles.



Rome is a very handsome 9-year-old boy, the only male in the group. He can be quiet & slightly shy but will perk up for a treat. Rome has an affectionate nature that loves to give lots of cuddles.

This handsome boy makes a great pet model for stills photography briefs as he loves to pose. He hasn’t met a camera that doesn’t like him or he doesn’t like, it must be those eyes.

He is obedient & follows all basic commands such as sit, stay, lie down & paw.

Rome recently worked with TikTok, which is a media app for creating and sharing short videos. She worked with the company as a social media per influencer.

Rome is people, children & dog-friendly making him a suitable pet for small modelling roles.


Florence is a happy sassy 4-year-old female who is a smiler.

She has great facial expressions & always wants to please her human companians.

Florence is well trained & obedient & to date responds to the following commands; sit, stay, lie down & paw. She will do anything for a treat or squeaky toys.

She is well socialized & will happily work alongside people including children & other dogs but no other animals.


She has a very elegant gait & is a bit of a flirt & makes a stunning pet model with character.



Vienna aged 3 years, is a beautiful female. Just like Paris she has the heterchromia trait which makes her that more special & unique with one blue & one brown eye.

Vienna is a very calm girl who prefers quieter settings, but who is very happy to please for a yummy biscuit.  She is best suited to stills photography briefs as she makes a stunning model.

As the youngest she follows her siblings in obeying all basic commands, which include; sit, stay, lie down & paw. She will work with strangers/actors following commands. Vienna is well socialized & a suitable dog that can work with people of all ages including children & other dogs.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience 

Recently, Vienna worked with a pet bedding company; Personalised Pet Beds as part of their company relaunch. She worked with a variety of beds and props with no issues.

She can be a little shy at first but settles after an introduction. She makes a stunning pet model.


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