Osca – Doberman

Name: Osca

Breed: Doberman

More information about this dog

Oska is a male Doberman with security and protection training which is suitable for stunt dog briefs. He is bigger than your average Doberman weighing in at around 50kg & he attracts a lot of attention & comments due to his size & stunning good looks.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

He is a very sociable & confident boy & is used as a protection dog and is used for security work by his owner. In contrast to this protection dog image Oska actually loves a good fuss from his human friends and loves to play with other dogs. He is like the Scooby-doo character – big & clumsy.

Oska is a protection trained dog and being so big and having cropped ears and docked tail he does look quite intimidating but he is a gentle giant. He knows when he is on security tasks & when its downtime. He has great discipline & control knowing when he is on & off duty.

As a very flexible dog, he can be taken into a public area & is quite happy to be fussed by people. However, he can also attack on command.


Bark (speak) on command
Sleeve work
Controlled aggression
Bite on command
Security dog


Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Recently Oska worked with British girl group Little Mix for the release of their music video on Spotify for Woman Like Me. 


Oska is a stunning dog & an ideal talent for specific based roles according to his skills. This versatile dog could be used in many different roles from working in a family environment through to a security role.



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