Oscar & Hobbes – Cockapoo

Name: Oscar & Hobbes

Breed: Cockapoo

More information about this dog

Oscar and Hobbes are two Cockapoo brothers. They can be booked as a twosome or as individual dogs. Oscar and Hobbes are capable of performing fun tricks together as a dynamic duo – such as giving each other a hug, jumping over each other, opening and closing a door together.  They really are quite a pair!

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Both dogs are incredibly well looked after with much attention from many people who see them daily.  As brothers, they have unique and complementary personalities.
Oscar is very alert, affectionate and a playful Cockapoo with a zest for life. He has an unusually expressive face and the ability to act out a variety of emotions and moods. His curly blonde coat is versatile. It can be left in its natural state – long and fluffy or groomed into a short tidy style.
Hobbes is a Cockapoo with heaps of character and personality. He has a distinctive autumnal red coat – soft & shiny with a little white tuxedo on his chest. It’s very versatile in that it is naturally curly but can be groomed to also achieve a straight or cute and scruffy look. From a young age, it became apparent that he was extremely intelligent – responding to his training immediately being alert, obedient and a very quick learner.

They work well with people, dogs and calm children. The Cockapoos are good at taking commands and instructions in a busy environment both indoors and outdoors as well as work well close up and are capable to work and take cues at a distance also.
Brothers are relaxed and natural in front of the camera. They enjoy having their picture taken and respond to instruction very well. Oscar is a little more playful and distracted so it makes a fun mix between the two of them.

Oscar’s Training

Walk back,
Close a door,
Weave through legs,
Play dead,
Say prayers,
Take a bow,
Can work with props,
Happy to wear pet clothing & accessories,

Hobbes’ TrainingPet Acting / Modelling Experience

Oscar has recently filmed ‘shaking dogs’ advert for Karcher, he is a suitable pet talent for specific roles according to his level of skill. Most recently he worked on an automotive campaign as part of the launch of the new Ford Puma Megabox, mega pups puppy pampering pop up – see advert below.


Hobbes has shown off some modelling skills when he featured in a London-fashion spread for the Japanese magazine ‘Fudge’. He enjoys having his picture taken and responds to instruction very well. Also, he filmed the Barking Mad TV commercial.  Hobbes worked with global business aviation company VistaJet as part of their Vista pet campaign. Most recently he worked for Air Charter Service; a private jet group where she was required to work alongside Hobbes showing how the company offer pet-friendly charter service.

Both boys have worked with Fifi & Friends campaign owned by Tamara Ecclestone. The cockapoos were required to work with young children on set which they both did with no issues.


Both dogs are suitable pets for most roles requiring pet talent and dog modelling jobs. They can be booked together or as a solo.




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