Marcel Le Corgi

Name: Marcel Le Corgi

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Long hair)

More information about this dog

Marcel is a rare Pembroke Welsh Corgimdog model. He is purebred and Kennel Club registered. A stunning animal actor. His longer hair comes from a recessive gene (only 5% of corgis are born “fluffy” like him).

He is a big boy; strongly built, with a long body on short legs. This is a natural corgi shape, he just looks extra big because of all the hair but he is perfectly healthy, with a waist and no weight to lose, he weighs 16.8kg.

Marcel is very empathetic and very gentle with little humans and the elderly. In all, he is extremely friendly with everyone he meets. He is the sweetest corgi. He is friendly, always happy to meet new people and animals of all ages, outgoing, confident, adaptable. Travelling is not a problem for this little corgi and he is used to travelling in the UK and abroad by car, ferry and public transport.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This handsome chap has been trained in obedience and agility and is confident with commands as well as tricks. He is a food driven and extremely clever dog; always keen to learn new tricks and does so quickly. He can be taught a new behaviour on request with notice. Marcel lives with a keen photographer and a chef, so he enjoys posing for a camera & filming (in a studio environment, including with flashlights, as well as outdoors, in busy environments, near food & wearing props, on his own or with other dogs). This handsome Corgi will work to voice and hand signals and at a distance with no issues.


Lie down,
Give paw,
High ten,
Speak on command,
Fetch/hold an item,
Take a bow,
Go on a skateboard
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Works with props,
Pet product placement,

Social Media Pet Influencer

Currently the UK’s most popular corgi on social media with thousands of followers on Instagram & also a huge following on Facebook proving a much sought after a pet for any marketing campaign. He is also co-founder of the UK Corgi Club.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Marcel’s photos have been published on the “BBC in Pictures” website (best of 2015), in Dogs Today magazine, Metro, The Evening Standard, The Times,, Today online & several blogs & publications. He’s also starred on TV (ITV, BBC), in commercials & series; rocked the red carpet at a film premiere; acts as a travel & pet-friendly ambassador & has been the face of brands & campaigns – including a very special “corgi tea party” organised by 2-Michelin star restaurant Sketch for Uber Eats A VERY regal takeaway! Uber Eats launches a menu inspired by the Queen’s favourite meals.

Marcel appeared in the Dan & Phil Christmas calendar 2017 & a promo advert with Candice brown for Netflix & appeared in an advert for Ikea as well as NBC TV access live reporting for the Royal wedding (adverts below). He recently shot all the promo material and pet food packaging & advertising campaign for pet food company Iams and Made.Com campaign advertising the brands pet bedding. Most recently Marcel worked for fashion editorial magazine Iconist by Icon magazine (see images below) Icon’s brand new magazine feat Emma, Queen Mary and Marcel represent the love of everything British.

This regal dog has experience modelling, with/for his owners or with actors & other dogs. He has taken part in “meet & greet” events at shows, press launches & charity events/fundraisers. He is also officially a Therapaws therapy dog with The Mayhew & was the first dog to have ever been invited to attend RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017.


In all, he is a suitable pet talent for specific roles according to his level of skill or as a social media pet influencer.

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