Maggie – German Pointer Cross

Name: Maggie

Breed: German Pointer Cross

More information about this dog

Here is the beautiful Maggie, a German Pointer cross. Maggie is a special lady, with a heart of gold. She adores her owner, and has a fun life, constantly learning new skills. She also regularly attends the local dog-related events, meeting new friends.

Perfectly Imperfect

Maggie has her own little quirk, she is missing one of her legs. She has a heartbreaking story behind it, but she is a very happy girl and her bad experiences have definitely been left behind. Maggie is originally from Bulgaria, she was a hunting dog. Unfortunately, Maggie got trapped in a bear trap one day and her owner left her to fend for herself. This is the norm in some countries as the dog is injured, she is unsuitable to work any more. Thankfully a local rescue saved Maggie from this fateful incident, they amputated her leg and worked on getting her better. This series of events all happened in May ’16 by August ’16, Maggie was on her way to her new home in the UK and has fully recuperated.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Maggie is a very confident dog, she will not shy away from new people. She is well used to travelling to new places and adjusts to new environments with no bother.

Maggie attends local dog events regularly, so has met numerous dogs and people in a crowded environment, and due to her disability, she does get crowded by people wanting to hear her story. She also meets a lot of children who love giving her hugs, Maggie loves children, and isn’t phased at all by them.

She is always learning new skills and tricks, she is an eager girl to please. Maggie has already gained her bronze and silver kennel club good citizen award. She is currently being assessed as a therapy dog, so will regularly be visiting care homes, hospitals, hospices.


Can work with children
Happy to work with other animals
Travels well

All in all, Maggie is a lovely girl, and a pleasure to work with. Her disability doesn’t affect her training or abilities in any way. We are positive you will not be disappointed hiring her.

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