Lulu – Pomeranian

Name: Lulu

Breed: Pomeranian

More information about this dog

Introducing Lulu the female full pedigree Red Sabre Pomeranian, aged 6 years, weighing less than 4 lbs. She is a very rare small girl with a beautiful stance and deportment.  Lulu is usually kept in a puppy cut and often gets compared to the famous BOO. She is a great addition to the talent agency and a very sociable girl, very good with other dogs and children. She adores attention from everyone. She is very calm and quiet but also has an extremely loving temperament. Lulu loves being stroked and cuddled and will sit for long periods on a strangers lap with no problems.




Swissel round


Tongue out.

Lulu on basic instruction will get excited, tilt her head, stand upright, lie and swizzles like a duck.


When Lulu sticks her little pink tongue out it’s comical. Lulu stands out from the crowd, not your average dog she is blessed with a human-like quality.

Pet Modelling Experience

Lulu filmed the We Buy any Car Christmas commercial, which you can check out below.


She is a suitable pet for small roles according to her skill set.

Featured Mode


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