Lolly – Whippet

Name: Lolly

Breed: Whippet

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This is Lolly, a charming and charismatic fawn brindle coloured Whippet. A popular Pet Influencer with some very well-known followers, Lolly is a fast-rising celebrity in the world of Instagram due to her stylised and engaging feed.


Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Lolly is a playful pet influencer who loves nothing more than being in front of the camera. She is well-known on Instagram and has a constantly growing fan-base eager to watch her adventures outdoors.
Whether she’s taking a walk on the beach, exploring the outdoors wearing one of her many many jumpers or just sat on the couch with some dog food snacks, Lolly’s profile is full of minimalistic, colourful and sharp imagery that helps to amplify her great looks.
Not just a pretty face, Lolly is also very well trained and able to perform all basic obedience skills as well as more complex commands such as rollover, high-five, jump and spin – all helping to construct the perfect images and video for social media campaigns.

No stranger to product promotion, Lolly and her owner like to find innovative ways to show off their products.


Pet Influencer

Lolly is a well-known pet influencer who’s fanbase is constantly growing every day. She is active on Instagram with each post averaging around 900 likes and comments flowing in daily. Her captions are informative and always have her followers talking.

This Whippet has a range of celebrity fans also including:

Jack Bevan (FOALS), Phoebe Lettice Thompson, DJ Yoda, Frida Eldebrink (Basketball Player), Will Taylor (Blogger), Norman Jay MBE, Reeps One, The Cuban Brothers and Iggy Joey.

She has worked with many brands throughout her Instagram career and is even affiliated with multiple including companies such as: Butternut Box, Branni Pets and Collared Creatures.

Lolly is a stunning Whippet who has a beautiful fawn brindle coat, long legs, a deep chest, and a narrow slender body. She has a sassy, confident personality and the looks to match.

This Whippet is more than happy to be placed in positions to get the right shot. Lolly is also comfortable working with props, wearing clothing and showing accessories. This makes her a brilliant option to promote the next big social media campaign or to provide brand awareness.


Lie down,
High five,
Give paw,
Jump up/on/over an object,
Play dead,
Wear Glasses,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Wears glasses,
Product placement,
Product reviews,
Meet and greet,

Campaign Experience

Within her Instagram career, Lolly has already worked and advertised with a large variety of brands including:

Barking Heads, DOGMADE, Ofrieda, Arden Grange, My Pet Poster, Rag & Paw, Collared Creatures, and Branni Pets.

Given her wealth of of experience, Lolly is suitable for a wide range of marketing campaigns and advertisements, from product reviews to meet and greets and work as a brand ambassador

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