Lily, Boris & Darcy – Golden Retriever

Name: Lily, Boris & Darcy

Breed: Golden Retrievers

More information about this dog

Lily, Boris & Darcy are a stunning trio of Golden Retriever. They are exceptionally well trained, well behaved, dependable & most of all gentle. They all relax in new environments very quickly and pick up tricks with speed and ease. They are always kept in an immaculate condition being groomed twice a week. They are registered Pets as Therapy dogs (PAT) and therefore have a calm even and sociable temperaments, suitable pets around people of all ages.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

All three roam freely & calmly around livestock, including sheep, chickens & horses. Their temperaments make them the perfect pets & suitably well behaved around babies, children, strangers & animals large or small. They get on perfectly with cats having lived with them and ALL dogs young/ old/ male/ female.


They can all perform their tricks using just hand signals when needed. They often perform their tricks at a large distance, in a variety of locations. Their patience is second to none, their ‘sit and recall’ distance is well over 100m & is only restricted by the field that they use for training.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

All have modelling experience for both stills and film. The three were selected to become the faces of a very well known dog brand Beaphar (lactol). Darcy the youngest of the three was recently selected to work with another very well known tech GIANT (currently undisclosed).

Recent work has seen the trio perform together for branding projects.  These beautiful dogs are currently featured in Yumove‘s product packaging and branding materials having completed a wonderful outdoors photoshoot where they behaved impeccably.  On top of this, dog actor, Boris, featured in the TV commercial to accompany the new campaign.  He performed tasks to the script perfectly and worked very well alongside several other breeds of dogs on set at the same time.

They have also worked for Barbour Dogs (Barbour’s dog clothing range) for a photo shoot and video that has been very popular on Barbour’s socials.  The beautiful trio modelled the dog clothes perfectly.



This stunning pet model has a beautiful silky cream coat, with beautiful dark black pigmentation on her nose & also framing her eyes which make her look striking. She is absolutely beautiful with a temperament to match & enjoys competing in shows & meeting lots of other dogs or people. She is a true Retriever who is as much at home in the water as a duck is.

Lily is the most thoughtful & calm natured Golden Retriever. She is incredibly intelligent & inquisitive with a crazy amount of tricks under her belt. She is a qualified Therapy Dog with a beautiful temperament & is incredibly responsive & obedient, picking up tricks fast.

She has all basic commands & also a great repertoire of tricks which include; walk like a human, push skateboard, play shy, stamp her front feet, play dead, shake, bow, prayers/say goodnight, sit pretty, back up, spin in both directions, tilt head to side, heal, synchronised march with handler, bark on command, put laundry away, open/close doors, go to mark, snowboarding or balance on objects, congo to name but a few. Most tricks are performed using just hand actions. She will readily work from a distance & will also respond to commands from anyone holding a treat including very young children.

In true Golden Retriever style, she is great around babies, toddlers, children, adults & animals of ALL sizes (from chickens/ cats/ frogs to dogs/horses/ pigs and sheep.


She is a suitable pet for a wide variety of roles requiring expert pet talent.



Boris is so INCREDIBLY biddable & focused when working & being a show Golden Retriever also he is absolutely gorgeous. He has a beautiful dark golden silky coat with puppy dog eyes & a beautiful dark black nose & pigmentation.

Boris is as soft as butter (melted in the sun)! Everyone who meets him just falls in love. His gentle temperament, loving and sweet personality make him the perfect pet & suitable around all animals, large & small including children/babies.

Boris is trained to an incredibly high standard & is an advanced trick dog. He is versatile very much like a Border Collie & aims to please. He has all basic commands & tricks which include; go to mark, walk backwards, spin both ways, army crawl, whistle trained left and right, open/close doors, weave through legs, wave, congo to name but a few. He is also an expert at agility, completing all the equipment with great ease as well as snowboarding and balancing on objects; he will perform all his tricks for just praise, as he is a dog that just wants to work for you.

He will perform these tricks for anyone & he picks humans over treats every single time. This pooch is bombproof, not much startles him. He is very good on trains & trams, no large noises or bangs phase him. He has so many facial expressions & frequently moves his eyebrows like he’s working you or a situation out.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Boris has pet modelling experience for both stills and film. Along with his 3 siblings, they were selected to become the face of a very well known dog brand Beaphar (lactol). Recently Boris filmed the Purple Bricks online estate agency for their latest TV advert – ‘Faces of which Commissary’, which required him to work with a stranger/actor, whilst following commands. He had no issues with this role and performed on point. Most recently, Boris filmed with Lintbells YuMove TV advert, the number 1 veterinary Joint Supplement. Promotes Mobility With Tail-Waggingly Natural Ingredients.


Boris is a dog that is dependable, responsive & obedient and also cat-friendly. He is a true Retriever who is at home on land or in water making this real-life action dog ideal for a wide variety of roles.



Darcy is 12 months and is a very handsome puppy with an aristocratic air about him. He has a beautiful white coat and sweet eyes that melt your heart. He is a dog that is full of love, patience and character. He is very in tune with his environment and loves being in front of the camera. He will work for anyone holding a treat including very young children and Darcy is cat-friendly.

He already knows basic commands as well as a growing amount of more advanced tricks including; sit pretty, weave through legs, speak on command, roll over, target, vertical jump, stand like a human and hold, dance, spin, go away, tilt head to the side, jump over or on to an object, tunnel & kiss on command as well as snowboarding. Darcy learns new tricks with speed and ease and his patience is second to none, making him the ideal dog for still photography as well as acting roles.

He is one of the youngest puppies in the UK to pass the vigorous Therapy Dog Assessment, which he passed with ease at the youngest possible age of 9 months. He has a beautiful nature and is wise beyond his years making him suitable for many small roles according to his skill set.

He is full of enthusiasm & love for all that he meets. Darcy has a cheeky side & definitely knows that he’s the baby of the family but he is very in tune with the room & loves being in front of the camera.

His temperament is second to none & he is very intelligent & patient making him suitable for small roles according to his skill set.


All three dogs can be booked together or as a solo.

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