Lilliput – Maltese

Name: Lilliput

Breed: Maltese Terrier

More information about this dog

Lilliput is a super cute female Maltese Terrier. She is very sweet-natured & gets on well with humans, children & other animals. Having weekly sessions with a canine behaviourist since she was 16 weeks old means she is well trained with all basic commands. She is a petite dog weighing 2.2kg & 8.5 inches in height.

Her extremely cute, fluffy & small appearance positions Lilliput perfectly for roles which require the appeal of a puppy, but the manners, patience, intelligence & cooperation of an adult dog. Having always accompanied her humans everywhere they go, Lilliput has happily learned to adapt her behaviour to whatever is appropriate in the circumstances & can fit in anywhere & with anyone.


Dog Modelling/Acting Ability

Frequently photographed for the glossies, she can work any look the stylist requires. Her fame-hungry personality trait enables her to transition fluidly from modelling to acting to receiving hugs on your lap all day long. As a model, she loves having her picture taken and can sense a camera from a great distance: looking straight into the lens for that perfect shot first time, every time. It’s worth noting she can pose for a substantial duration.

This amazing dog has also perfected her classic head-over-the-shoulder modelling pose and can count to 10 in woofs. As a very laid back dog with a fantastic temperament; she will let humans do anything to or with her & is fine with other animals, including large dogs. Sometimes she may need a couple of minutes to get to know them but she settles down quickly.


High 5,
Give me 10,
Wave goodbye,
Hit/touch an object,
Come & go away,
Go to mark,
Paws up on object,
Tilt head,
Ring bell,
Sneeze on command,
Push an object,
Can work with props,
Will wear pet clothing & accessories,
Happy to be handled & carried,
Can style hair,

Pet Modelling Experience

This stunning little Maltese has extensive modelling experience having modelled for dog clothing retailers, magazines, newspapers & pet websites. She has appeared at promotional events & filmed for various television shows and most recently filmed ad advert for LADbible & Now TV, advert below. As well as acting Lilliput has pet modelling experience and has worked with Singaporean fast-fashion footwear and accessories fashion retailer Charles & Keith, and most recently she worked with Asian fashion company Dazzle Fashion which required Lilliput to work alongside models for stills photography & film.


Most recently Lilliput worked on an automotive campaign as part of the launch of the new Ford Puma Megabox, mega pups puppy pampering pop up – see advert below.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Lilliput the Maltese terrier is proving very popular on Instagram with a mass following  – this is a  pooch that can influence any marketing campaign by creating brand awareness for any company. She recently got booked to walk the red carpet and attend Dog Days film premiere in London.


Lilliput is very beautiful & truly one of a kind & a suitable animal actor for small roles according to her skill set.

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