Khaleesi – Doberman

Name: Khaleesi

Breed: Doberman

More information about this dog

Khaleesi is a stunning Doberman dog model, available for hire. With varied experience on set, she would make a great dog actor and has lots of pet talent.  Khaleesi has natural ears and an undocked tail and she loves to show off her fantastic natural looks.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Khaleesi is not just a wonderful companion but she is also a diabetic alert dog. This high-level of training is demonstrated by her Kennel Club Gold status.

Her owner is a semi-pro photographer so Khaleesi is very used to being in front of the camera.

Khaleesi can do all of her tricks from a distance of twenty metres. She can work to silent commands (hand signals) or voice commands. She’s also very happy to be dressed up in different attire.

Due to her amazing temperament, she is good with children and adults. This lovely girl is very good with other animals if introduced properly. Khaleesi is adorable, loving and very focused always happy to work/train, she will work with anybody!

Everybody that meets her absolutely loves her as she is very affectionate!


Stand tall (back legs)
Play dead
High 5
Sit pretty
Close/open the door
Turn the light switch off
Retrieve items
Pose (face down)
Hold objects
Go to a distant marker
Take socks off
Go around objects
Touch (hand targets)
Jump over
Watch me
Walk backwards
and many more…

Pet Acting / Modelling Experience

She has experience working in amateur movies and drone footage for local travel.

In all Khaleesi has grown up behind a camera so is used to studio work, outdoor shoots and being put in strange situations. She will make an ideal model or pet actor for complex roles.



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