Kestral – Norwegian Buhund

Name: kestral

Breed: Norwegian Buhund

More information about this dog

Kestral is a 7-year-old Norwegian Buhund (pretty rare in the UK – only around 30 bred a year here). The Buhund is a breed of dog of the Spitz type, used as an all-purpose farm & herding dog. Kestral is a stunning dog, extremely unique, with a wolf-like look but with big melting brown eyes! These are big dogs in a medium dog’s body – weighing just 14kg she is massively versatile.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Kestral is particularity good at bedding shots where the dog needs to look cosy as she will lie on her side & rest her head on command. She will stay in any position until released, whether that’s crossing her paws, resting her head, taking a bow, placing a paw on a product etc.  This also makes her great for interactive shoots such as pet parcels which may need a dog to open a box with their nose, paw at products etc.

Kestral prefers to work as a lone dog but will happily work with other animals! She is a bit of a one-woman dog so prefers to work with her owner/handler. She’s good with other animals & lives with chickens, rabbits & has lived with hamsters, cats & other dogs. She prefers not to be in close proximity to dogs she doesn’t know & isn’t keen on children.

Being food motivated she is incredibly reliable & listens intently for the next command. In addition to this, she loves the outdoors; she will jump over logs, climb ladders, jump into rivers, fetch a ball & can do all this on command!


Over 40 tricks and behaviours including…


Play dead,
Commando crawl,
Howl on command,
Tidy things away
Jump up/on/over an object,
Show teeth,
Lick lips,
Open washing machine & put items inside,
Close/open draw,
Put an item in a draw,
Slam dunk,
Close door,
High five,
Tango dance,
Touch nose,
Paw target,
Rest head,
Cover nose,
Dribble football,
Jump up,
Head a football,

She will do practically anything you need on cue – & if she doesn’t already, name it & she can likely be trained to.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Kestral has pet modelling experience as a model for Pets at Home.

This talented pooch recently worked with Jaguar on an audio podcast, meaning Kestral had to respond to hand signals only. The podcast reached number 2 in the iTunes family podcasts & has received great reviews.

She is an ideal pet talent for any roles requiring talent.


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