Jack, Jessica & Jacob – Jack Russell

Name: Jack, Jessica & Jacob

Breed: Jack Russel Terriers

More information about this dog

CrackerJacks are a team of extremely talented performing small Jack Russell Terriers Jack, Jessica & Jacob trained by their handler & professional trainer. Between them they can perform hundreds of tricks some of the very unique & complex of skills such as skipping & barrel rolling. They have been trained to a very high standard & love to perform & pose for the cameras. The 3 dogs live on a working stud farm & are familiar with all animals & love to ride on the ponies; they are very well socialised with all animals.

They have starred in several television programmes including My TV Pet Star, Louie Spence’s Show business, BBC Who Let The Dogs, BBC Who Let The Dogs Out and About, ITV Top Dog Model, Wild Thing TV, Live With Gabby, Sky 1 A Very British Party, Alan Titchmarch Show 3 times, Alan Titchmarch Most Memorable Moments, The One Show & a BBC show to be aired in 2017.

Jessica & Jacob have won many competitions for their skills using props including Superdogs Live most Talented at the London and National Pet shows twice, the Zoflora Z Factor, Winners of Discover Dogs Crufts Factor & Grand Finalist of Britain Does Variety 2016. They have advertised for events such as National Pet Shows, Dogfest & Britain Does Variety. They have also advertised well known products such as Zoflora & featured in many newspapers, magazines & photo shoots. They also perform at numerous charity & fund raising events across the UK.

CrackerJacks have been involved in public displays & demonstrations with people & other dogs without any issues.


Jack aged 5 years is extremely intelligent, full of energy & there is nothing he would not do for a piece of sausage. He has been trained to a very high standard & can perform numerous tricks with & without props, some of them outstanding & unique; including barrel rolling, skateboarding & driving a car & many many more. He has excelled in agility & competition & loves water.

Jack has pet modelling experience having done several photo shoots & will happily pose for the cameras for as long as required. He has performed on stage & at numerous public events.

Jack can work with other animals with no issues and is a suitable talent for any brief including complex roles.

Jessica aged 9 years is a very clever very sensible little dog. Trained to a very high standard, she will work for either food or toys. She can perform numerous tricks with & without props some of them very unique. Jessica’s tricks include; skipping, skateboarding, barrel rolling, riding a pony, driving a car, loading a catapult, pushing a shopping trolley, the list is endless.

Jessica loves to retrieve objects & ride on moving objects such as ponies, remote controlled car, skateboard, rolling barrel, rocking horse, quad bike etc. She is very nimble, willing & learns very quickly.

Jessica is very fun loving & will work with other dogs, animals & people alike. Jessica has been involved in several television shows, performed on stage & at numerous public events. She has pet modelling & acting experience. She will pose for the cameras for long periods of time.

Jessica holds ‘The World Record’ for the most skips by a dog in one minute. She can perform complex long sequences & is suitable for any role requiring talent.

Jacob aged 7 years is quite small but very handsome, he is lively energetic & full of fun. Jacob is very intelligent & can learn a new trick within minutes. He has been trained to a very high standard & loves to perform his numerous tricks some of them very unique with & without props. Tricks include; barrel rolling, skateboarding, driving a car, speak on command to name just a few.

He makes the perfect model as will pose for the cameras for as long as required & enjoy every moment. Jacob & Jessica perform together quite a lot but Jacob is equally happy to perform on his own or with a group of dogs. He loves the water & works well with other animals. Jacob is very professional & has been involved in several television shows, performed on stage & at numerous public events. He has pet modelling experience having done many photo shoots & modelled for Zoflora.

Jacob is a super talented trick dog suitable for complex roles requiring pet talent.

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