Jasmine, Ruby-Rose & Lily-Rose – Boxers

Name: Jasmine, Ruby-Rose & Lily-Rose

Breed: Boxers

More information about this dog

Jasmine, Ruby-Rose and Lily-Rose, are 3 stunning female Boxers. All 3 are members of a dog display team. Currently, Jasmine is actively performing in shows whilst Ruby and Lily are in training. They all take part in agility, obedience and trick training.


Aged 7 years, is trained at a higher level than Ruby and Lily. She can work to voice and hand signals and can even jump through fire. Clever Jasmine has been part of a display team since she was a pup and can follow a sequence of commands with no issues. She does not like dogs she has never met before, she is fine if they are at a distance but not if they are in close proximity and therefore best working alone. She will also happily wear pet clothing and accessories with no issues. She is a very confident dog and very little fazes her, bombproof in nature.


Ruby-Rose aged 3 years, can sometimes be the class clown, but in a playful way and can quickly calm down and focus on the task at hand. Ruby-rose can be bouncy and excitable as this lovable pet loves everyone and everything, she is a playful girl with bundles of energy. Ruby-Rose is well socialised and great with people of all ages including children and other dogs. She is the perfect pet model who will happily wear pet clothing and accessories. Sometimes she can be a little more timid or cautious at first but once settled in she soon relaxes.


Lilly aged 3 years, is the higher energy of the three dogs and can be a bit of a diva. She can be bouncy and excitable at first with all that she meets but will calm very quickly.  Highly sociable she loves humans and other dogs alike. Wearing pet clothing is not a problem making her suitable for pet modeling roles.


This band of Boxers are well trained in basic obedience and to date, they all respond to; Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Spin, Give paw, Away, Catch and hold an item, Stop away.

They respond to commands from a distance, work with other people and pick up new commands easily and take direction well.

Dog Acting Ability

All 3 dogs can all work together or as a solo. Highly intelligent, they pick up new skills quickly and can be taught new commands on request with notice.  All 3 are bouncy, cheeky, playful boxers, with mountains of energy. Although mischievous, they are attentive and obedient. They all love to be fussed over and love to be handled by anyone.

This lovable trio is suitable for a variety of animal actors roles according to their level of skill.





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