Jacob & Bruno – Miniature Dachshund

Name: Jacob & Bruno

Breed: Miniature Dachshunds

More information about this dog

Jacob and Bruno are adorable, popular and cool social media and dog model superstars. Both dogs have been well trained from a young age and are extremely used to posing for photos.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

They are very photogenic and certainly bring the cute factor. These little dogs have a large following on social media, which has given them a lot of opportunities to work with lots of brands. They have also featured in lots of national newspapers and have had different articles written about them.

The boys are always popular wherever they go and they love attention. They are both happy to travel and happy to work with other calm dogs and people of all ages including children.

Both dogs can work from a distance to voice commands and are also fine with performing in front of large crowds.

Social Media Pet Influencer

These little guys are social media pet influencers with a fanbase that is growing every day on Instagram. They have already done tons of work as social influencers for Guru pet food, Landrover, Hive, Eukanuba, Buster, Animology and more.

Therefore, this makes them the perfect pets to work with to help promote brand awareness and various social media campaigns.


Lie down
Leave it
Go to bed
Happy to be held
Can walk on a lead
Can be booked as a solo or together
Will happily wear pet clothing and accessories
Comfortable walking on a treadmill
Not cat-friendly

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience:

The boys have been for photo shoots with Edgard Cooper and also Guru Pet Food. They have also been photographed by a dog photographer for promotion work.

They have both worked on a large campaign for Bayer with Ben Fogle. They have also worked with FURminator for a pamper day.


Bruno is the cheeky chappy out of the two. With lots of energy, he loves to play with toys, some may say he is obsessed as he would chase a ball all day! Naturally a big softie at heart, he loves to be cuddled and kissed by anyone and will give kisses back too!

As a clever dog model, he is very responsive to commands and is very eager to please. Treats are the ultimate motivator for Bruno as well as toys. He does get on with other dogs once he has gotten used to them. Sometimes he is nervous at first and may bark, but will quickly settle – a typical case of small dog syndrome!

This clever dog model will work with actors and can take direction from others. He works to voice commands and some hand gestures. As a fast learner he can, if needed, learn something new, he will pick it up quickly. Working with props, costumes and different locations is fine for him.


Jacob is the softer of the two. Sleeping and snuggling are his bread and butter. Do not be fooled though, Jacob does love to go on adventures and will be straight up if is a treat involved. He does play with toys and mainly likes the fluffy and crinkly ones.

With his soft eyes, he wins the hearts of many. He will easily follow commands verbally and can respond to some hand gestures.  This little guy even has a party trick where he can ring a bell! Jacob does like other dogs and is quite submissive. He may bark at first, but he isn’t aggressive and will quickly settle. As a quick learner, he can pick up things very easily if needed to.

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