Name: Ila

Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

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This is Ila, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog model, animal actor, and pet influencer. Novas are the smallest breed of retrievers and also some of the most intelligent, alert, and high energy.

Little Ila very much lives up to those traits, yet she also boasts so much more. With her rich red coat, white feet, and white tail she holds a striking pose. This lovely bit of animal talent has a great sense of humour, an infectious zest for life, and always puts 100% into everything she does.

This fantastically well trick trained animal actor is a superb choice for film, television, and advertising briefs alike. Or, if you’re looking for a spectacular nano pet influencer, why not look up Ila and her brother Drax’s profile at @ila.and.drax.

About Animal

It’s plain to see why Ila is such a sought after bit of animal talent. She’s beautiful and looks absolutely gorgeous in every bit of pet photography that she stars in. Her natural smile is simply divine and will melt the hearts of clients and customers alike. She is mainly motivated by food and toys and learns new tricks at incredible speed. She has been click trained using positive, reward-based methods from when she was eight years old.

To date, this lovely lady has learned over 50 tricks to an incredibly high standard. All commands can be issued using both verbal or visual cues, making Ila a highly versatile and obedient animal actor. We think that this smashing girl is the perfect pooch to star in film or television productions that require a talented, trick trained animal actor. She is also great with both children and other animals, greatly expanding the number of briefs that she’s available for.

She’s truly top of her class and has even progressed to grade four in agility after one season of training. Ila takes weekly obedience classes and has passed her puppy, bronze, silver, and gold Kennel Club Good Citizen tests and she even qualified to the semi-finals of the Good Citizens pre-beginners stakes at Discover Dogs. She has also recently taken on gun dog training; is there anything this dog model can’t do?

As well as being an insanely talented dog model and animal actor, Ila is also a social media superstar. She teams up with best bud Drax to run @ila.and.drax, a nano pet influencer page specialising in Instagram posts. As a nano pet influencer, these two have under 10,000 followers, which means that they’re able to easily and effectively secure strong audience engagement with their followers. We recommend using them for influencer marketing campaigns targeting a specific, dog-loving audience.


Ila is best known for her starring role in a promotional shoot for the Eurotunnel service ‘Le Shuttle‘. She was required on set for four days and did a stunning job, leading to a very pleased client. She was unfazed by the lights and big crowds and was perfectly well behaved.

This stunning retriever is the perfect animal actor for any brief. She’s a gorgeous girl that is always happy to learn and always happy to perform. If you’re in need of animal talent for your film, television, or advertising brief, look no further than Ila. For a retriever on the smaller size, she’s the perfect pick.

Alternatively, if you want to reach a specific customer base by using influencer marketing, @ila.and.drax are the ideal entrance point into the world of nano pet influencers. They’re ideal for product placement, brand awareness, public relations meet and greets, and so much more.

Don’t miss out on beautiful Ila; book her today.



Lie down,
Balance on object,
Agility trained,
Ringcraft classes,
Fake wee,
Go to mark,
Fetch item,
Hold item,
Happy to be handled,
Happy to be groomed,
Play dead,
Jump up/on/over an object,
Jump into/out of a car boot,
Look at point,
Open/close door,
Paws up on an object,
Rest head,
Put head down,
Pull object,
Send away,
Give paw,
Sit pretty,
Touch item,
Wears glasses,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Works with props,
Trick trained,


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