Ila – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Name: Ila

Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

More information about this dog

Ila is a female Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Tollers are the smallest of the retrievers & are intelligent, alert & high energy dogs & Ila very much lives up to the breed. Ila has striking looks with the soft rich red coat, four white feet & white tip of the tail typical of the breed. She has a great sense of humour, an infectious zest for life & always puts 110% into everything she does.


Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Ila is very food & toy motivated, she is intelligent & learns new tricks at incredible speed. She has been clicker-trained using positive reward-based methods from 8 weeks old. To date, she has learnt a huge variety of tricks to a high standard knowing over 50 tricks and all commands can be done at a distance to either verbal or visual clues. She can apply her tricks to create combinations (for example, retrieving pegs from the peg basket & help put the washing on the line).

Ila also works well with other people providing they are clear & concise with their commands & signals. She has progressed to Grade 4 in agility after one season of training (qualified for the finals of the Starters Cup), has begun her gundog training & attends weekly obedience classes. She has passed her puppy, bronze, silver & gold KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme tests & qualified to the semi-finals for the Good Citizens Dog Scheme Pre-beginners Stakes at Discover Dogs. She has been swimming weekly at a local doggy swimming pool since she was 4 months old & also loves to swim in lakes & the sea.



Fetch & hold an item,
Give paw,
Fake wee on command,
Play dead,
Rest head,
Two paws up,
Rear paws up,
Jump through arms,
Spin (left and right),
Weave through legs,
Tidy up,
Nose and paw target,
Close the door,
March in time with human
Send to bed,
Bark n command,
Catch an item,
Run or walk to a marker to name but a few…

Pet Influencer

Ila is a micro-influencer with a following that is growing daily. She has a very engaged audience who always interact with her posts.

Her feed is very outdoors themed and all her posts are centred around going on adventures. She is very suitable to work with various brands and to promote social media marketing campaigns.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Ila recently filmed the Fabulous with Eurotunnel shoot Le Shuttle, which she spent 4 days filming for & did a fantastic job. She is an ideal canine for any role requiring canine talent.


Ila has been well socialised & loves other dogs/animals, people & children. She is very adaptable to new environments, with heaps of enthusiasm, energy & loves to learn. She has proven to be calm & focussed on a film set (film set to release in 2018) & in very busy environments (such as Crufts & Discover Dogs).

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