Holly – Labrador

Name: Holly

Breed: Golden Labrador

More information about this dog

Holly is a beautiful Labrador.  She is a beautiful active, good-natured dog and takes everything in her stride.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

She is highly intelligent, keen and biddable making her very easy to train for new commands or tricks, with a strong will to please. Holly has all basic commands and can sit, stay, leave it and go crazy! Currently, the owner and dog are working on new tricks.

Holly is absolutely fantastic with kids and loves human companionship as she is a very balanced good-natured dog. She is fantastic with other dogs and people and most importantly Holly also loves to smile, which is adorable.


Go crazy,
Put items into a washing machine,

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Holly has modelling and acting experience and has featured in lifestyle photos and advert for the retailer GO Outdoors and can be seen showing off her skills in the advert for Samsung below.

She is suitable for specific roles according to her level of training.

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