Bramble & Hazel – Border Terrier

Name: Hazel & Bramble

Breed: Border Terriers

More information about this dog

Bramble & Hazel are two Border Terriers. Both terriers are highly trained trick dogs knowing 300+ tricks each. Both dogs have TV experience with commercial work, pet modelling within a studio environment & demo’s in front of thousands of people. Both Bramble & Hazel can work from a distance & on cue & will direction well, even from a stranger. As well as being exceptionally talented pets, this due are also social media influencers, having a mass Facebook following of over 10k followers, an ideal platform for any brand wanting to market a product or service.


Bramble is a female Border aged 6 years old. She loves to work & is highly motivated when given a new challenge. Bramble is intelligent & very eager to please. She has been working in front of audiences & cameras her whole life & absolutely thrives under the spotlight. At 2 years old she performed in the main arena at Crufts to 8,000+ people. She has traveled to Europe previously & goes to London on public transport frequently for dog shows & casting/ filming.

She has a calm temperament, being good with other dogs, people & animals. She is friendly but always focused on the task on hand.

Bramble enjoys agility & training, & takes direction well. She passed her Bronze & Silver GCDS in one day & to date has over 300 + commands is a super trick dog that can learn new commands in minutes & isn’t fazed by much. Tricks include; play dead, fake wee (like a male dog), Speak/bark on command, beg, bite it, take a bow, Carry shopping basket, clean the floor, count fingers, cross paws, growl, handstand, hug another dog, kiss, limp & retrieve objects to name but a few.

She has previous modelling experience having worked on many TV adverts in a studio environment and on location.

Bramble has worked on the Stella McCartney fashion editorial shoot – a Stella Lunar New Year campaign & appears on the pet food packaging for AVA Nutrition available in Pets at Home & most recently the promo for Smooth FM.



Hazel is a 10 years old female Border terrier. She has a gentle personality & friendly temperament & playful, cheeky & fun for her age. She is very intelligent & aims to please. Hazel is very motivated & enjoys performing tricks & agility. Because she is older she doesn’t have the stamina of a young dog & can sometimes get overwhelmed if under pressure, however she copes well on set.

Hazel has passed her Bronze & Silver GCDS in one day & responds well to commands & can work from a distance & also for a stranger. Hazel also has 300+ tricks which include; beg, bow, play dead, paint with paintbrush, shut the door, ring a bell, retrieve a newspaper, skateboard, take off socks/jack, fake wee & yawn to name but a few.

Hazel has previous modelling experience having also appeared on BBC’s Dragons Den & shot many’s a TV commercial.

Hazel is very fit & active for her age, & despite the saying, she readily learns new tricks. She has competed & done displays at many large dog shows & will happily pose for a camera.

She is good with other dogs, people & animals.

Both dogs are expertly well trained & suitable for any brief requiring pet talent.


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