Hank – Presa Canario

Name: Hank

Breed: Presa Canario

More information about this dog

Hank is a red brindle Presa Canario. The Presa Canario or “Canary Dog” is a large-size dog with a thick and muscular body bred for working livestock. Hank’s head is broad, massive, square, and powerful. Proper head and good expression are part of the breed standard and are manifest in the best breed specimens.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

He is a very proud and confident boy who loves cuddles with the family but is by no means a ‘big softie’ and is a suitable dog for specific roles. Ideal for film work.

He works alongside his owner with the ability to switch on/off, between being aggressive and calm. This is a great advantage for certain leadership roles.  If a certain role is required of a stable dog and in a very controlled manner. Both Hank and his owner are experienced in protection training and working trials, so obedience and learning new tricks is something that they as a team are familiar with.

He is naturally a very intelligent dog who is at his happiest when working. His owner is an animal handler so Hank is trained to a high level.


Walk backwards
Walk to heel
Speak on command
Leave an object of desire/interest and many more.


Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Hank has animal acting experience having worked on a film where he and his owner were contracted in for a specialist role for a Warner Brother’s production working alongside Jude Law . Hank’s role in the film was to behave aggressively and look ferocious on camera whilst all the time being safely under his owner’s control. Understandably he was expected to ‘switch off’ in between takes so as to not interrupt the flow of production. Hank was trained & handled on set Personal Protection Dogs Ltd. 

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